Based on the first book of the Bible, Genesis is a sweeping and poetic look at the beginning of man’s relationship with God.
While Jochebed (Venus Monique) hides in a shelter to protect her son from being murdered, she tells him the story of her people over the course of a dangerous night. This inspiring movie explores the idea that mankind will one day return to the place where we started, but that the journey will be filled with hardship, beauty, and a desperate need to trust the Creator.

Writer & Director: Craig Cunningham
Producers: Jamie Jennings & Nathan Jennings
Executive Producer: Brad Thomas
Starring: Venus Monique, Cabil Gibbs, Jordan Jones, Olivia Jordan, Avery Merrifield, Mitchel Rad, Jeremy Williams
Directors of Photography: Jacob Hamilton, Patrick Meade Jones, Sam Ramsey, Taylor Rudd, Kristopher Rutherford
Composer: Dean Pickering
Sound Designer: Nathan Jennings
Editor: Jamie Jennings
Art Director: Josh Cooper
Colorist: Stuck On On